Wordundrum Privacy Policy

Wordundrum allows you to submit feedback to us (Bitwacky Inc.) from within the game. You can optionally include your email address when submitting feedback. We will only use your email address to reply to you and will never share it with third parties.

Wordundrum version 2.0 and newer uses Flurry Analytics to understand how players interact with the game. For example, it allows gathering of statistics to help determine if levels are of suitable difficulty. The analytics data does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Flurry does not share the analytics data with third parties except as described in their privacy policy.

If you prefer not to share analytics data, you can turn off analytics from the Wordundrum section in the iOS Settings application. You then need to restart the Wordundrum application for the changes to take effect.

Contact Us

Questions or comments? You can contact us here: support@bitwacky.com